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My Review and Experience with eToro – Is it worth it?

When you reach a certain age in your lifetime you start thinking about your financial well being. I reached that threshold a year ago when I was 25-years-old. When you reach that milestone you start to think about investments and what do you do? That’s right you open up your laptop and start your research. That’s exactly what I did, I did my research as best as I could and I started asking my friends and colleagues where do they invest their money and that’s pretty much how I stumbled upon eToro. Every experienced investor always…


Where and How to Buy Basic Attention Token in 4 Simple Steps

Since I talk a lot about and have written about Brave Browser and occasionally mention Basic Attention Token(BAT), there are a couple of people who have asked me How To Buy Basic Attention Token(BAT). Obviously, if you are looking how to buy BAT, you’re not interested anymore for me to explain what it is and how it works, so I’ll just cut to the chase. Buying Basic Attention Token(BAT) has gotten a lot simpler since it partnered up with Coinbase. Learn How to Do it in 4 Simple Steps. Signing up through my link will get…


Best Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing Programs

Looking to earn that crypto commission? Well, good, because I’m going to list every possible Crypto Affiliate Program on this post. I was looking at crypto affiliate programs myself, couldn’t find a great post, so I decided I should do something that benefits the whole community and write a useful blog post for once. Some people might consider it’s quite risky going into crypto affiliates, because of the instability. Can’t really argue with that. But there’s a great saying out there – “When everyone is being brave, be careful, when everyone is being careful – be brave.”…


Brave Browser – is it really Better and Faster than Google Chrome?

I believe that Brave’s Browser will soon experience mass adoption. In this blog I’m going to explain why I think that and going to compare it to Google Chrome, is Brave really better? Let’s check it out! Let’s start with some facts about Brave. Brave Web Browser is a free and open source, pay to browse web browser. Which was created by Brandan Eich who’s also the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of Javascript. Brave Web Browser is ad-free and also claims to block all website trackers such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc. They…

best cryptocurrency in 2017

You Only Needed $135.71 U.S Dollars to Become a Millionaire in 2017

2017 was quite big for Cryptocurrency. The biggest breakthrough so far. The market definitely reached some new heights. The most popular CryptoCurrency currently is Bitcoin and If you would have invested in 2017 1. January $42 618.96 U.S Dollars and taken everything out in 2017 December 31. You would have earned your first million. That’s x23 times your investment. Was Bitcoin the most profitable CryptoCurrency you could have invested in 2017? The best CryptoCurrency in 2017 From Investment perspective speaking, Bitcoin wasn’t the best investment, there were a lot better ones. Let’s take a look. Turns…