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Best Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Affiliate Marketing Programs

Looking to earn that crypto commission? Well, good, because I’m going to list every possible Crypto Affiliate Program on this post.
I was looking at crypto affiliate programs myself, couldn’t find a great post, so I decided I should do something that benefits the whole community and write a useful blog post for once.

Some people might consider it’s quite risky going into crypto affiliates, because of the instability. Can’t really argue with that. But there’s a great saying out there – “When everyone is being brave, be careful, when everyone is being careful – be brave.” I couldn’t find the author behind that quote, so dibs on the quote.

I can’t say it with certainty, because I don’t know what’s going to happen to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and people who claim to know this – are full of sh*t. My belief is that Bitcoin & Crypto are here to stay.

I’m not going to explain to you what is Affiliate Marketing, if you’re reading this you already know. But I’m going to Explain what Affiliate Programs are available in Cryptocurrency world and what can you advertise.

Find the best Cryptocurrency Marketing Affiliate Programs with the highest commission rates. Exchange Programs, Mining Programs, Converters, Products such as crypto mining equipment, hardware wallets, bitcoin lending, gateways, etc.

Crypto Affiliate Programs by Category

Let’s see what options are out there, what can we advertise, sell and earn a commission.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Is a Digital Marketplace where you can transfer and trade your crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other altcoins in some cases also buy them. As an Affiliate Marketer, your job would be to bring in signups. Exchanges work on fees. Every trade you make, you have to pay commission. E.g you trade all of your Bitcoins into Ethereum or Ripple, the exchange will charge a fee for that. The industry average, for now, is 0.2%. You will receive anywhere from 10-50% from that exchange fee. Let’s put this in numbers. Someone signups through your affiliate link/site and trades all his 100 bitcoins (BTC) into Ethereum (ETH). The exchange will charge 0.2% which equals 0.2BTC and you will gain for example 10%. Meaning you have received from this trade 0.02BTC. Might seem very little, right? But some of the exchanges offer you a lifetime commission and you get paid every day if your signups are active traders. To find the best affiliate programs for crypto exchanges scroll down to the list.


  • Buying Bitcoin with Credit Card – Online Crypto Buying/Selling Platforms. It’s basically a Platform where you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BAT or any other Altcoins. Most of these platforms have very limited variations of coins. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to bring – sales, surprise. There is a variety of paying methods for these platforms. Some will reward you and your referral with $10 each, some will give you a percentage of their fee. Similar to exchanges, these platforms charge fees. On average 5-5.5%.
    Some of these platforms offer a 10-20% commission. Meaning if someone buys 100BTC they will earn 5BTC and you gain 10% from those 5 BTC. Total profit – 0.5BTC. Probably not many people will buy 100 bitcoins straight away. Be cautious about your estimate profits. Find the affiliate programs on the list below.


  • Crypto Cloud Mining – I hope I get this right and understandable. The bitcoin dedicate their hardware for bitcoin network. With these miners, we can secure and confirm each transaction that is made with bitcoin. The hardware that miners use solves complex math and helps put together a chain of blocks. For doing this, miners get rewarded with newly created bitcoin transaction fees. Miners take care of security, transactions, and issuance of new bitcoins. So, how can you sell this? The one option is equipment, that’s on the next subject, but here you can sell – cloud mining. It’s a service you can buy online. Meaning there are several companies out there selling or to be more specific, renting out their hardware. As an affiliate you need for people to signup for cloud mining and the company will share anywhere from 20-60% of their earning with you.


  • Crypto Mining Equipments – We already learned what crypto mining is from the previous category and you probably have figured that if you can rent a crypto mining gear through the internet you can also build a crypto mining hardware. There are several companies that specialize in this matter. They sell gear/equipment that is best suited for Bitcoin mining. Your job is to sell this equipment and the company will share a percentage of their profits.


  • Crypto Converter – As already the title says, it’s a platform that helps you convert your Ethereum, Bitcoin or other Altcoins into other Altcoins. Switching from coin A to coin B. For example, you have 10ETH on your Ethereum Wallet. You decide to switch those Ethereum into BAT or OMG. You can go to a specific website that offers this particular solution. What’s your role into this as an affiliate? You bring traffic to their site and hope they convert. Just as always. They charge around 5% fee of their services and they offer your around 50% of their earning. Meaning if someone trades 100bitcoins into other altcoins, the company earns around 5bitcoin, meaning you will earn 2.5BTC from that. Plot twist, not so many people have the funds to purchase 100BTC. So once again, be cautious about your estimate earnings. Scroll down to find the crypto converter affiliate programs.


  • Crypto Wallets – There are Digital Wallets and Hardware Wallets where you can store your assets. The more secure way is to store your assets into hardware wallets. Your job as an affiliate is to make sure that people buy them. A hardware wallet costs around $100, not that expensive if people are storing tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars there, right? As an affiliate, you will gain 10-20% commission on selling these wallets. Scroll down for the crypto hardware wallet affiliate list.


  • Bitcoin Lending – The title already gives it away. There are companies out there, that gives you the option to lend & barrow cryptocurrency. They are looking for two kinds of clients – lenders and borrowers. People who are going to invest their money and get a profit share and People who are going to barrow. Your job as an affiliate marketer – bring in both and make them stick.


  • Crypto Gateways –  Payment processing systems for merchants. Helping merchants accepting Digital Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. Every person who owns an online store can now set up bitcoin gateway and start accepting crypto as a currency. Your goal is to bring merchant(people who own online businesses) to payment processing companies.


  • Independent Crypto –  Crypto & ICO projects that have created a product and are offering an affiliate program to acquire customers. Programs that don’t go under any other category.

bitcoin affiliate program list

Crypto Affiliate Program List

Cryptocurrency Exchange Affiliate Programs:


CEX Exchange gives its affiliates 30% commission on all transactions. The commission is a lifetime for each user you bring in. Meaning if the user still trades in 10-years you will still earn a commission from his trades.

Payouts: are paid in USD, automatically once a day for the sum earned 30days ago. All fees are recalculated to USD equivalent at the moment when a transaction is done.

Trading fees: 0-0.25%

Marketing Tools: They offer referral links, which any user can create, multiple varieties of banners that you can post on your website/blog and least – statistics. How many people have clicked on your referral link, how many have registered, you can view them by day and month.

To see all of the banners, statistics you have to signup on their website.

Commission: 30%

Overall: it’s a good affiliate program. 30% lifetime commission is very attractive in the crypto community + a lifetime, that makes a sweet deal. Definitely a recommended program.


Binance Exchange gives its affiliates 20% commission on all transaction fees. If you own 500BNB or more you will gain 40% commission. The commission is a lifetime for users that signup through your affiliate link.

Payouts: The fee commission will be sent instantly in real-time to your account as your referee completes each trade and will be paid to you in whatever cryptocurrency the original fee was paid in. If someone trades Litecoin, your fee will be calculated in Litecoins.

Trading fees: 0.1%

Marketing Tools: Binance doesn’t offer much help to their advertisers. You have a link, you have all your historical data, how many referrals you have, have much are you earning from their trades, etc.

Commission: 20-40%

Overall: It’s one of the most trustworthy cryptocurrency exchanges out there and they offer lifetime commission on each signup, with a potential to gain 40% commission on each trade, It’s one the best, if not the best deals between crypto exchanges.


Cryptopia gives its affiliates 10% commission on all trading fees. They pay out in DOT. It’s not specified if the commission is a lifetime, yearly or monthly. Unfortunately, cryptopia hasn’t provided that kind of information for affiliate marketers.

Payout: Information is not provided. Not on their website, nor in any other blog, that’s currently out there.

Trading fees: 0.2%

Marketing Tools: As you can imagine, cryptopia hasn’t thought about this aspect, there’s only one referral link available and that’s all you’re going to get.

Commission: 10%

Overall: It’s not the most trustworthy exchange out there, there are a couple of bad reviews, also they haven’t given out many details about their referral/affiliate program, which makes hard to trust them and hard to advertise them, if you’re not sure if they are trustworthy and if you’re going to get the paycheck in your mail.


Exmo is a crypto exchange that offers a 25% commission from their profits. From each trade/transaction. Referral-based income is ensured for as long as your referrals are active participants on EXMO. Meaning, it’s a lifetime commission.

Payout: Not specified.

Trading fees: 0.2%

Marketing Tools: Banners are available, also a couple of guidelines for rookies, how to advertise, which channels to use, etc.

Commission: 25%

Overall: Lifetime commission, it’s hard to say no to that, right? Among exchanges, definitely one of the best picks you can get there.


Gate.io is a rather new exchange that was founded in 2017 in the USA, Virginia with a rather high trading volume. They have a different offer than most of the exchanges for the affiliates. If your referral signups through your link, he gets 10% discount on trading fees for the next 12 months. You gain 30% of profits of Gate.io trading fees for the next 12 months. After 12 months, thank you, come again.

Payout: Not specified.

Trading fees: 0.2%

Marketing Tools: Not specified.

Commission: Up to 30%

Overall: Seems a good exchange, but only 12 months of profit sharing is a deal breaker for me.


You get 20% of the profit from KuCoin for each user that signs up through your link. For 12 months. They have mentioned that there are 3 levels of users you can bring A-level invitee gets you a 20%, B-level invitee gets you a 12% and a C-level invitee get you an 8%. Nothing more is specified. Just as confused as you are.

Payout: Affiliates get paid every 2-hours. Nothing more is

Trading fees: 0.1%

Marketing Tools: Unique links.

Commission: Up to 20%

Overall: 12 months, 20%, is a deal breaker for me. Also a lot of missing information, which makes me trust them even less.


Receive 20% of commission for every trade your referral makes. For how long? Not specified. You can fill a form the get your links and maybe there will be more information afterward.
Payouts: Not specified.
Trading fees: 0.2%
Marketings Tools: Not specified.
Commission: 20%
Overall: Not specific enough to begin even considering advertising them.


Comparing to other exchanges, Livecoin has interesting partnership program. The first month you gain 50% commission from trading fees. Next 6-months you gain 20% commission from trading fees and afterward, you gain 10% lifetime commission from trading fees.

Payout: Not specified.

Trading fees: 0.18%

Marketing Tools: Not specified.

Commission: Up to 50%

Overall: Definitely something to consider. Among other crypto exchanges, they have a lifetime commission available. Which is obviously attractive enough to advertise them. A couple of whales and you can make a decent passive income for the rest of your life.


Huobi exchange offers their referrals a 30% commission for 3 months….afterward you won’t be enjoying anything else.

Payout: Every 2 minutes, paid in USDT

Trading fees: 0.2%

Marketing Tools: Not specified.

Commission: 30% for 3 months. Afterwards – 0%

Overall: Personally, I would never advertise Huobi, 3-months commission on exchanges is a pretty shitty deal, to be honest. Worst among this list.

Bitcoin/Crypto Exchange Affiliate Earnings

For perspective purposes:

bitcoin exchange affiliate earnings

Most of the exchanges have 0.1%-0.2% trading fees. Let’s take an example. Binance has 0.1% trading fees and you can earn 40% commission from them if you own 500 BNB. That means you have to bring in $1 000 000 Trading Volume from your invitees each month to earn $400 per month. The 20%-40% commission might seem great and impressive, but if you put everything in numbers, it’s not a gold mine, right? Especially if you have to pay for traffic yourself.


Buying Bitcoin with Credit Card Affiliate Programs:


If you invite your friend to Coinbase to trade/buy Bitcoin and he ends up buying at least $100 or more within 180 days of opening his/her account, you both get rewarded with $10 in your Coinbase account.

Payout: May take up to 4-working days


You can earn 15% of Coinmama’s commissions. It’s not mentioned for how long you will keep getting the commission. It only mentions for each successful purchase your referral makes you earn a commission.

Payout: You will be paid only after 3 successful orders made by at least 3 different users. Earnings are paid monthly. Paid out towards the end of the following month.

Crypto Cloud Mining Affiliate Programs:


You will get 6% of each purchased cloud mining contract from their website. Unlimited referrals. Ccgmining website is multilingual, helps to get more affiliate from different countries and earn that commission.

Payouts: According to their website, the payments are instant and are made immediately through T/T or Bitcoin.


You will gain up to 10% of commission from each user you’ve attracted. Hashflare also offers real-time analytics and a large variety of promotional material.

Payout: an Instant payout to your Bitcoin Wallet.

Crypto Mining Equipment Affiliate Programs:


You can earn a 5% commission from sales at Parellelminer by creating informative articles, videos, etc. They’ll give you unique access to their dashboard and unique links, so you can track your progress. Average sale on Parallelminer is ~$300.

Payout: Made monthly via Paypal or Bitcoin.


There’s also an option to signup for Amazon, since a lot of bitcoin mining gear can be found there, you can just make a list via Amazon. Also, it seems a lot more trustworthy than most of the mining websites. Commission 4-10%

Payout: Monthly via Banktransfer or Amazon Gift Card.

Crypto/Bitcoin Converter Affiliate Programs:


Earn 50% from Changelly transaction fees. They offer a variety of promotional banners and 30-days cookie. Meaning if someone clicks on your affiliate link and only makes the transaction 10 or 29 days later, you will still be responsible for the transaction and be rewarded with a commission.

Trading fee: 5%


Affiliates earn back 0.25% of the total BTC volume every month.

For example, if during the entire month your integration provides 25 BTC worth of volume, Shapeshift would send you .0625 BTC for your payout. (25 x .0025 = .0625 BTC).

Note: You can’t just become an affiliate at shapeshift by creating a link, you have to apply at the program.

Trading fee: 5%

Crypto Wallets


Trezor is a hardware wallet for Bitcoins. They offer you 10-20% commission on each sale that comes from your link.

Payouts: each month via bank transfer or with Bitcoin

Commission: 10-20% (might vary)

Marketing Tools: Links, creative banners, videos, they even have a communication channel for affiliates to improve the results, if you have a question or something specific you need to promote them, they come forward and help you with that.


Ledger is also and hardware wallet for Cryptocurrencies. They offer 10% commission from their sales.

Payouts: Monthly with Bitcoin.

Commission: 10% (might vary)

Marketing Tools: They have the same strategy as their competitors, links, banners, videos, etc. They have a dedicated affiliate team, that can help you develop a campaign and provide you with resources if needed.

Bitcoin Loan Affiliate Programs:


Bitbond pays commission for two kinds of users – borrowers and lenders. If you refer a borrower you are going to gain 20% of their fee. If you refer a lender you will gain 30% commission. Earn up to 50% of Bitbond’s origination fee. Every visitor will be considered as your invitee for 3 months. A commission will be paid for 2 years from registration moment.

Payouts: are paid instantly as soon as the loans are approved.

Marketing Tools: Banners and of course custom links.

Commission: Up to 50%

Overall: Good deal, if you have an audience that tends to borrow or lend. Both parties probably are risk takers. Maybe gamblers? Definitely great if they are repeated customers since you can earn a commission for two years.


Just like every other business that’s in loan/borrowing, they offer their affiliate users two types of commission, if you refer a borrower and if you refer a lender. They also offer a commission if you refer another affiliate to their business. Commissions are up to 50%.

Payout: Not specified.

Marketing Tools: Not specified.

Commission: Up to 50%

Overall: Good deal if you have some students under you which you can influence and earn some sub-affiliate commission, but in overall, the site seems very untrustworthy. I would never invest without doing my research, but just by visiting I had the untrustworthy vibe, other than that, their affiliate programs seems a good deal if you find them trustworthy.

Crypto Gateway Affiliate Programs:


By sharing their affiliate link with merchants who sign up afterward you will receive  25% of their transaction fees for 5 years. Due the technical limitations of blockchain not all type of coins are available.

Payouts: Not specified.

Marketing Tools: Links, multiple creative banners.

Overall: If your audience is merchants, big or small, definitely great addition for an extra passive income stream. I’m not an expert on this subject, but my subjective opinion is that not so many people make purchases online with crypto.

Independent Crypto Affiliate programs:

Brave Browser

Brave Browser, which is backed by Basic Attention Token also has an affiliate program. For every user, you refer to their Browser you gain $5 worth of Basic Attention Tokens in your wallet. The user must remain active for a month only then you get your commission.

Payout: At the beginning of the month you will receive BAT in your uphold wallet.

Marketing Tools: Links.

Overall: It’s a great addition if you’re starting your affiliate business. Also, you can receive a donation from other Brave users, if they like your content.


If there are some Affiliate Programs in the Crypto world that I’ve not mentioned and should be added to the list or are just released or updated etc. contact me and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, comments, drop a line below.

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