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Brave Browser – is it really Better and Faster than Google Chrome?


I believe that Brave’s Browser will soon experience mass adoption. In this blog I’m going to explain why I think that and going to compare it to Google Chrome, is Brave really better? Let’s check it out!

Let’s start with some facts about Brave. Brave Web Browser is free and open-source web browser. Which was created by Brandan Eich who’s also the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and creator of Javascript. Brave Web Browser is ad-free and also claims to block all website trackers such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc. They also claim to improve online privacy by sharing less data with advertising customers. Brave intends to keep 30% of ad revenue for itself. 70% will go to the users. These are known as the User’s Ads. There’s also Publisher Integrated Ads. 70% of the revenue share goes to the Verified Publishers. 15% goes to the users and the remaining 15 % goes to Brave.  There’s also the option for the user to block all the ads, simple as that, it won’t cost you anything, just one click and you won’t see any ads for the rest of your life while you’re using Brave Web Browser.

So let’s start with some web browser market share data that I got from w3counter:

Updated 2019, September

So Brave is nowhere even close. Brave has 8 million active monthly users (2019, October). Brave’s team has announced that they have more than 10 million downloads on Android. 20% of them come from Desktop and 80% on mobile.

Ads and Ad Blocking

Brave’s Browser has a built-in ad blocker that blocks all of the ads even all the trackers like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics. If you don’t like ads you’re pretty safe with Brave. It’s also FREE.

But keep in my mind more and more agencies and companies use the content as advertising, so just because Forbes, CBS News or Buzzfeed has a post about Why Apple is better than Microsoft doesn’t mean it’s not an ad. They all are sell-outs. If you have a couple of hundreds or thousands(depending on the website) you can buy a post about your business or whatever. That’s how it works. Just FYI.

Google Ad-Block Extension

If you don’t like ads, you can just install Ad Blockers on Google Chrome, which will get rid of all the trackers and ads as well. Wrong! If you’re using an extension such as Adblock Plus you will still see Google Ads. Google is paying fees to AdBlock Plus. Which is a fun fact to know.

Google Contributor

To be completely fair, then Google has also created a program for people who are annoyed by ads and it’s called – Google contributor (it’s still in Beta) It allows people to pay a monthly fee to avoid seeing ads and compensates sites for the resulting lost revenue.

Whose ad blocking is better?

I’ll give this one to Brave. Both web browser offers the consumer to turn off the ads and rewards the content creator. Brave offers it for free, Google offers a paid version. I honestly never heard of Google Contributor program, before I did my research, so I doubt a lot of people are using it. Also, Brave’s ad block is a lot more convenient. One-click and you’re done and of course more economical.

Which Browser is faster? Google Chrome of Brave?

According to Brave’s Research their browser is a lot faster than Chrome.

brave browser is faster than chrome

seems a bit exaggerated, right? At least to me.
Here’s a video from Brave, that compares Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave’s speed.

Here’s another one Safari vs Brave

But all of this information is coming from Brave, so not really that reliable, eh?

Let’s check for ourselves.

These are the browser settings I used for Brave


brave-browser-scipts-unblockedBrave(scripts blocked):


This is the most important feature for Brave Browser if you want it to load super fast. The way they accomplish their speed is by blocking all the trackers and scripts, which makes the sites load almost instantly.

Brave vs Chrome

Brave(scripts blocked)BraveChrome

Brave’s Browser is faster and even faster if you enable scripts blocking. Keep in mind if you enable scripts blocking and even in some cases cross-site trackers are blocked the website won’t load or it just won’t load on 100%. So if you’ve trouble browsing some videos or content, just turn off the shields. 

Let’s compare how fast does Google Chrome loads with and without AdBlock.

No Ad BlockAd Block

That’s interesting that the website loads longer with Adblock on. Not trying to make any conspiracy theories, but…

Brave is definitely faster. But I would deduct points for exaggerating things. It’s not 4-8 times faster than Chrome. Not even close. People don’t like to be lied to and if you’re saying our Browser is x8 times faster, you better deliver. Just go with ”Faster” next time. No one appreciates a false advertisement. Seriously.

Brave vs Firefox


I would be really surprised if Mozilla Firefox would be faster then Brave. You don’t create a new browser (Brandan Eich is founder for Mozilla & Brave) unless you know you can make a better one.

Brave vs Opera


Opera already has a small market share and it definitely has some great features, but I assume Opera users might decide with Brave after reading this article since some of the unique features they offer are also available in Brave.

I was really surprised that there’s such a huge difference between browsers and websites they load. I don’t know how you can explain this, but if you know the answer, please, leave a comment below. 

Disclaimer: I Refreshed the page multiple times to get the best possible load time.

Why the results may vary? From different bloggers/vloggers and reviewers and even your own tests? It all depends on the settings you have set for your browser. If you would block Scripts the website would load a lot faster, but also the internet connection might affect the page load time.

You will save money using Brave Browser

If you’re using Brave Browser on your mobile and are connected to your mobile data then you can actually save your data, meaning you save money.
save money using brave

These are the estimates on how much you could save by using Brave. Estimates are taken from Brave’s site.

The same would go for Chrome if you would use Google Contributor, you would save some money on data, but you will still have to pay the contributors fee. Maybe you can save $1-$2 on that, maybe someone someday will do a research on that. Right now I don’t have any data regarding that.

Who’s better?

I guess at the end of the day it’s all subjective. But I’m going with Brave. It’s faster and it’s trying to improve the advertising industry by giving back to content creators and rewarding the consumer for their inconvenience. I guess I’ve always liked the underdog, but there are some objective reasons also why I’m switching to Brave which I already stated above.

Brave Browser – Mass Adaption

For common web surfers, these already should be good enough reasons to switch to brave. But for skeptical minds…These are probably not good enough reasons that will bring mass adoption, right? Well, you’re not wrong, because there’s another feature that’s the killer one in my opinion.

Users that use Brave Browser will have the option to view ads and in return, they will receive BAT(Basic Attention Token). These Tokens can be exchanged for Euro, U.S Dollars or any other currency or cryptocurrency you have in mind.
According to Brave’s team (Reddit AMA) they mentioned that they are expecting an average user to be earning ~$220 (U.S Dollars) per year using Brave Browser by just watching ads. You can also earn $5 in Basic Attention Token for referring your friend.

Some might say that $10-$15 dollars per month won’t change anything significant in their lives. I get that. Let’s imagine countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam etc. All the countries that aren’t the leaders in economics.

For some people(especially teenagers) all over the world, $10 per month is a significant amount of money. There are hundreds of thousands of searches every single month for “Passive Income, Making Money Online” etc.. There are thousands of groups on Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and Forums that are covering topics like “small passive incomes”. A couple of clicks away to earn extra income, just by changing your web browser? That’s faster than your previous one? It seems like a no-brainer.

The Brave Ads just recently launched and the growth has been significant, so let’s see what happens in the future.

Braves Snowball Effect

This is where BAT(Basic Attention Token) can change the game, an essentially passive way of earning a significant amount of side money, and a referral program that gives extra money if your friends join the party. Once BAT ads get released to the mass public(it’s in beta version), it won’t even take a month before almost everyone within these communities will be using it. These users will then spread the word to their friends and family, because who doesn’t like passive income without any effort, eh? Especially from the countries I already mentioned. They don’t have to change anything in their lives, except their internet browser. The media will likely jump on as well, with click-bait titles like “This browser will pay you to browse the internet” or “Is this crypto company the Google killer?”. In other words, everybody will be talking about it.

P.S the advertising program is released only in the beta version in a couple of countries.


There are some decent arguments from Brave’s team why their browser is better than Chrome. It’s faster, you can save up time and money and make some extra income for browsing some ads. I believe the world is full of shillers that are looking to earn quick $5 bucks. Especially in these communities. (no offense) but if you think from a different perspective…who will want to show ads for this specific group of people? Exactly! No one! But they don’t know that! Meaning it won’t stop them from downloading Brave and using it. I mean…you don’t buy Mercedes and then go back to Toyota, right?

That’s the only part that bugs me for now. I don’t believe it will be possible to earn $200 per month in India, Indonesia, Vietnam or any other tier-2 country, since not that many companies want to show ads to them since they know already the results. Besides all that I believe that it will bring the mass adoption of Brave’s  Browser to the world and start a new era of advertising. Brave has made an offer that people won’t refuse.

P.S I wasn’t paid to write this, these are just my 2 cents on the matter. But I will leave a shameless affiliate link below and in case you will download Brave I’ll be paid ~ $5 in commission(depending on your location) if you will use it at least for a month, so there’s a button below if that’s okay with you.

I’m also Brave Verified if you want to leave a tip in BAT, feel free.


Download Brave Browser


Click the link above to Download Brave Web Browser.

If you have any comments, please, drop a  line below and share it with your friend.


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  • Imper

    March 8, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Loved this article! Really well written and you made solid points while also indirectly interacting with the readers. It was fun reading it. Definitely should pay you next time 😉

  • Andrew

    June 30, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Hi Ernests,
    I installed Brave using your link because I wanted you to get rewarded for writing such a good article, but using that link it shows that Brave is “managed by your organization”. It appears that installing from your link grants you the ability to remotely change my browser settings, this is not ideal…..can you disable that from your end? If not, I’ll have to uninstall and reinstall using the standard download link, which will probably prevent you from getting the $5 commission.

  • Andrew

    June 30, 2019 at 4:36 pm

    I found a fix online. Feel free to include it in your post if you’d like.
    On Windows, opening the registry editor and deleting the following key removes the remote browser management:


  • Clay Morgan

    July 2, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    Brave is completely trash
    It blocks many resources (apis/ajax content) what makes some websites not loading properly
    Chrome with some addons (Ublock + Disconnect) is better
    Brave also doesn’t have the option to translate webpages and sync data between accounts.

    • Ernests Embutnieks

      July 3, 2019 at 9:24 am

      You can edit what you want Brave to block. You can turn off the shields any time you want with just one click of a button. You’re right about translation, they don’t have it. You can sync your devices, you have to go through settings, just start a new sync chain.

      • Psyk

        August 7, 2019 at 8:42 pm

        The sync is only for bookmark; unfortunatly doesn’t seems to save passwords online (seems because it’s then store @ google which is not the spirit of this browser) so the only option left is to export them regularly into … a plain CSV readable by anyone

  • Varun

    August 5, 2019 at 6:45 am

    I could be wrong, but I think Brave has gotten faster since this post was written. In comparing load times for HuffPost and NYTimes between Brave and Chrome, I found that Brave loaded ~5 seconds faster on both. This might be the result of Brave’s switch from Electron to Chromium… In any case, I have made the switch to Brave and have no plans to switch back!

  • Rev

    November 7, 2019 at 5:05 am

    Some might say that $10-$15 dollars per month won’t change anything significant in their lives. I get that. Let’s imagine countries like India, Indonesia, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Vietnam etc. All the countries that aren’t the leaders in economics.

    Do you really think it will still be worth that same amount if that demographic is the only one watching the ads? 😛 I mean they’re obviously not the ones buying anything from ads in that case…


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