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Brave Browser – What, How Why?

I quite recently wrote a post where I compared the speed, loading time between Brave Browser vs Google Chrome. I did it because there were many posts about how Brave is the ultimate browser and is basically bulletproof and is x100 faster than Chrome. Not really true, is it?

Since I’ve had my share in the cryptocurrency world, I know how people tend to behave when they invested in the ICO and the project in general, a lot of bull*hit, spam and false facts how this specific project will change the whole industry, game, world etc. etc.

Most of the people who advertise are not into it, not really. They just want to see a quick spike in the token chart. That’s the reason why there are so many failed projects and the crypto world is very suspicious for the average joe. Everyone in their right minds should keep a skeptical mind for every crypto project that’s out there to “change the world”

How do I know this? Because I use to work for Digipulse an ICO startup. Why I left and why it failed – I will keep that story for a different time.

I’m skeptical of every crypto & ICO project success rate because, when I joined Digipulse they had 20k+ followers on Telegram. Quite the potential, right? All the people hyping in social media & other channels how “great of a project it is.” When we launched the product in the market, less than 10 of those loyal 20k followers actually signed up and zero actually were willing to buy the product. Maybe it was just a bad idea or a bad product, but then why are you supporting it? Most of them were busy refreshing coinmarketcap.

I imagine a lot of wannabe investors ~$100 capital, just sitting by their laptops and refreshing the page every 10minutes or so, hoping for their “big break”

Why Brave is different from other failed ICO’s?

Because Brave Browser and their fuel coin Basic Attention Token actually give out value to their users. Unlike any other project, it actually has a user base and it’s quite big and the best part – it’s growing month over month.

brave browser mau

As Brendan Eich the co-founder and CEO of Brave & Basic Attention Token, who also created Mozilla & Firefox & Javascript (the guy has been seriously busy, am I right?) said:

on September 2: Brave reaches 4 Million Monthly Active(MAU) Users, 21k verified channels & 26k publishers.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is an unusual web browser that lets their users navigate through the internet and display content. Just like most of the web browsers, it’s also free to use. The unusual part is that it’s anti-ad. From the minute you’re going to download brave you’re not going to see a single Ad unless you want to. Although it won’t block search ads.

Every tracker will be blocked. You know the ads that follow you around all the time? The annoying 0nes? Yeah, you don’t have to worry about those anymore.
If you’re one of those people who enjoys watching ads, kudos to you because brave will pay you for that. You can turn on ads and brave will pay you a small amount of their Revenue.

If you’re a publisher you can get verified with Brave and earn 70% of ad revenue on your website, YouTube Channel or Twitch Channel.

basic attention token(BAT)

How does Brave work?

If you’re not paying for the browser and the ads are turned off, won’t it hurt the content publishers? Since now they will lose their Ad revenue? Not necessarily.

You can support your favorite content publishers using Basic Attention Token. Their whole business model is built on BAT(Basic Attention Token) eco-system.

The brave team is currently giving out BAT for free in a very small amount so their users can get used to the new system. So how does it technically work? If you don’t have BAT you will have to buy them to support publishers, which is not mandatory of course. Okay, let’s bring out an example. By using brave you’re going to save money because you’re going to save mobile data and mobile data costs money. How? You won’t see ads on your display anymore. To load ads on your screen that costs mobile data, so technically you are currently paying with money to see ads if you’re not using any sort of ads blocks. Not cool, right?

So after your going to download brave, you will save mobile data which equals – money. Let’s assume your saving $10 per month. Now you can forward that money to content publishers by buying BAT. How will it work? Your Tokens will be distributed among your favorite content publishers by the time you spent on their website. You can pick e.g. 10 publishers to whom you’re willing to contribute and set how many percents of your Tokens you’re going to distribute them at end of the month.

How does Brave earn Money/Revenue?

In the beginning, they posted their business model and they promised their Publishers 55% of ad revenue, now they have changed that and they are promising 70% of ad revenue to publishers. I guess it’s true what they say…Content is King. In the beginning, they promised also 15% to users and 15% to ad networks and they will only keep 15% of ad revenue to themselves, now that they have switched to 70% to content publishers I’m not sure where the rest of the parties are left off, I’m just sure that their percentage of revenue share will be deducted. (I’ll update this part as soon as I have something more)

Let’s not suck their d*cks too hard. It might sound noble or something, but Google Adsense also pays content publishers, only they pay 68% to their content publishers, and 51% to their search partners.

The only difference here is that Brave is willing to share their revenue with the user who actually consumes the ads. Users come first, I guess.

Why should you pick Brave?

  1. It’s faster than other web browsers.
  2. You are going to save mobile data which equals money.
  3. You will save time. It takes time to load ads. Now that you don’t have them anymore…
  4. You will earn BAT Tokens, which also equals money.
  5. It cares about your Privacy.

I just checked my Brave Browser on the desktop and it shows me that I’ve saved around 4 minutes of my time by using it. On my mobile, which I use a lot more often – 49 minutes. That’s actually pretty decent.

save time with brave web browser

Do You use Brave?

I personally do use Brave Web Browser on my mobile. I don’t even have other browsers on my phone. I also use it on my Desktop, like 10% of the time. Because if you’ve read my profile I work in Marketing and Brave currently doesn’t have the extensions I need to work on it and I also need to look at ads, so I know what the competitors are doing, getting some inspiration from other ads etc.
So on my desktop, I use Google Chrome for most of the times, but if I use it for private stuff like watching YouTube or reading, which I don’t do very often anymore, I use Brave. mostly I use my Laptop for work, so until Brave improves their extension list I will stick with Chrome.

Where to Download Brave?

I’m going to leave you a shameless affiliate link. Meaning I will gain $5 in BAT Tokens if you’re going to download it through my affiliate link and going to use it at least for a month. I’m not ashamed to admit that, it’s a great browser and yes, I’m advertising it.

Download Brave Web Browser

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