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I’m Ernests Embutnieks

Digital Marketing Consultant who’s all about Growth & Performance
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Digital Marketing Consultant

With over 4 years experience where I’ve worked in agency, enterprise and startup. This is where I gained vast experience in Digital Marketing - SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube, Google Analytics, etc. & Marketing Strategy in general. I don’t only write about Marketing in my blog, but also about Personal Finance and working towards to my financial independency.

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Some of the Brands I've worked with

I’ve worked with small business owners, medium business owners and huge businesses, international businesses and local ones & even with ICO project - Digipulse. The industries have been different and I’ve only gained more knowledge from that.

Drive Leads, Increase Sales & Grow Your Revenue.

I design and execute my marketing campaigns across all channels with one goal in mind - to grow your business.
Drive Leads, Increase Sales & Grow Your Revenue.
Ernests Embutnieks
Ernests EmbutnieksDigital Marketing Consultant[email protected]
Sometimes Marketing is More Art Than Marketing.