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Glossary – Blogging and Digital Marketing Terms to Know

Have you ever heard people throwing around terms like – CTR, CPM, CTR, Anchor Text, Meta Description, etc. ? And you just keep on smiling because you don’t know what that person is talking about? This page will help you to learn all Digital Marketing and Blogging terms. Know all the references and join in on the conversation.

Each page will answer your question:
1) What does the term mean
2) Useful sites (if any)

Most commonly used Digital Marketing & Blogging terms

A/B Test –

Ad Block –

Adsense –

Affiliate Marketing –

ALT Text –

Anchor Text – Refers to the clickable words used to link to another website. User can click on the anchor text in order to get to the linked website.

CTA – stands for call-to-action. It’s a button, line of text or image that motivated visitors to take action by clicking.