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4 simple steps to buy Basic Attention Token

How to Buy Basic Attention Token in 4 Simple Steps

Since I talk a lot about and have written about Brave Browser and occasionally mention Basic Attention Token(BAT), there are a couple of people who have asked me How To Buy Basic Attention Token(BAT).

Obviously, if you are looking how to buy BAT, you’re not interested anymore for me to explain what it is and how it works, so I’ll just cut to the chase.

Buying Basic Attention Token(BAT) has gotten a lot simpler since it partnered up with Coinbase. Learn How to Do it in 4 Simple Steps. Signing up through my link will get you a $10 Bonus

Step 1 – Create an Account at Coinbase

Go to – Coinbase

I suggest you use my link. If you signup through my provided link we both will get $10 bonus if you deposit at least $100 in your account. Of course, you can signup without my link as well. Up to you.

Fill out all the necessary details – name, last name, email, and password, verify that you’re older than 18-years-old and you’re good to go.

buy bat crypto in coinbase

Step 2 – Verify everything.

After you created your account you will need to verify your email address your phone number and even your ID. Coinbase might ask you to even take a selfie with your ID.

Why do you need to verify your account? To prevent you from fraud and keep the Coinbase community safe. Simple as that.

After you have done that I suggest you go to the Coinbase Settings and fill out all the missing fields. I definitely recommend that you turn and 2FA(two-factor-authentication) just for your own security.

Step 3  – Add your Credit Card

Go to Coinbase linked account and add your Credit Card & also add your Bank Account so you can withdraw your money if that’s ever necessary. Coinbase might ask you to verify that you’re the bank account owner by transferring $0.01.

Step 4 – Buy Basic Attention Token

It’s time to buy BAT. Now that you have done all the steps, it’s time for the final step and buy Basic Attention Token. Which is the reason why you came here in the first place.

how to buy basic attention token at coinbase

Go to Coinbase Buy/Sell section pick which cryptocurrency you want to buy, in this case, obviously – BAT. Pick your Payment Method, which you added on Step 3, and choose the amount you’re willing to spend on BAT crypto.

Simple as that. Now you should have Basic Attention Tokens in your Coinbase Account.


Also, I need to mention that I’m not a financial advisor and this is not an investment advice. Investing in cryptocurrency is still considered risky. Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose. Be careful and always do your own research.

Thanks for reading – How to Buy Basic Attention Token, I hope it was helpful and readable.

Remember my blog is monetized with affiliate links, meaning if you signup through Coinbase through my link we will both get $10 commission if you invest at least $100 in cryptocurrency.

Also at end of the post, it feels like the post is more about how to create an account at Coinbase rather than how to buy BAT. That was not the purpose, it’s just I believe that’s currently the easiest way to buy Basic Attention Token, there’s are also other ways to do that but that might be a little hustle.

If you have any comments or question drop a line below. Thanks for Reading.

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