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How to Make Money with a Blog – For Beginners

I only write about what I know and I’m sure that there are multiple ways you can earn money from your blog that I’m not even aware of, but I’ll only talk/write about those ways I know for a fact. I’ve written one post about a topic I didn’t know and didn’t understand in-depth and it was extremely painful to come up with words.

I figured I should stick to what I know, in that way I can give my readers value that they can appreciate.

As you can already tell if you don’t have AdBlock installed or you’re not using Brave Browser I’ve monetized my blog with ads and other revenue streams.

I’ll list in this blog all the potential ways you can optimize your website for revenue or how can you make money with your blog.

Affiliate Links


There are hundreds, thousands or even maybe a million affiliate programs out there, so if you choose affiliate marketing you’ll have plenty of programs to choose from.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You promote and sell products that you don’t own and in return, you get a commission for that.

If you’re just starting out or haven’t had any contact with affiliate marketing then it’s probably not making any sense right now. So here’s a simple explanation – You advertise other people’s/companies products or services.

Example –  There’s a company out there that’s making awesome phone cases. They are great at building a great system and great product, great distribution and everything, but they don’t have time to advertise or maybe they just want to increase their sales. What do they do?

They find an affiliate network that’s willing to work with them and allow their Publishers to advertise their products and in return, they pay them for sales. That’s the great part in affiliate marketing, you only pay when you get sales. So you can’t really lose money if you’re doing it correctly.

There are multiple commission programs:

  • Cost per sale – you get paid a certain amount of money when you bring in a sale.
  • Revenue share – you get paid a certain percentage of revenue.
  • Recurring payment – earn a certain percentage commission for months or even lifetime.

Just let me write down a couple of examples, so it’s clear. Let’s use the same phone case company as an example. If we use cost per sale model we also need to set up an amount that we will pay our partners e.g. $10. For every new customer, they are referring you’re going to pay them $10. That’s it.

If you choose revenue share you will pay e.g 10% of your revenue. So if the customer spends $100 on your store, you will pay your partner $10.

Recurring payment is more for SaaS companies, but it can also work for e-commerce stores. E.g. if your partner refers a customer you will share 10% of your revenue and if the customer makes a repeated sale you will again share 10% and then again and again…you get the point.

Here are three affiliate marketing networks you can get started with.

Commission Junction

Also, there are a lot of private affiliate programs for companies, so if there is a company you’re in love with, just hit them an email, you might find that they have their own affiliate program(before you do that, check their website) or if not they most likely work with some network.

Google Adsense


There’s a huge amount of advertisers that are buying ads through Google Adsense, so you don’t have to worry about that. Google is just an intermediate, gateway to the advertisers. One of the biggest advantages? You set it up and forget about it. Google will do the rest for you. You don’t have to worry if the ads are going to be relevant for the user, Google does that for you. 

How do you get started with Google Adsense?

It’s more simple then you might think. Especially if your blog is built on WordPress. You go to AdSense, create an account, the approval process might take up to a couple of days, they don’t approve all the blogs, but if you’re authentic and don’t plan to scam them, then you don’t have anything to worry about.

So after your account is created you’ll have to install a small line of code into your website and you’re done. Google will display ads that are relevant to your readers. If your blog is about fashion then google will catch up pretty quickly and display ads around that topic. Also, it will display ads that only relevant to your reader, you know…remarketing.

Google Adsense offers a CPC(Cost-per-click) model. Meaning, you get paid only if someone clicks on the ads on your website. Also, they pay you a tiny amount of money for displaying the ads as well.

Depending on the niche you’re in you can expect anywhere from $0.20 to even $20 per click. If you’re going to in some specific niche, that’s an expensive e.g. attorney you will probably earn quite a lot per ad click. If you’re writing poems or about your home plants then you probably won’t earn that much. If your traffic is going to be targeted you can expect somewhere around 1-2% of your visitors to click on your ads. That’s just being realistic. 

There are many other advertising networks that would be willing to pay you only for impressions(CPM), instead of clicks, but that’s a different story for a different blog post.

You can earn money from Google Adsense you just need to manage your expectations. If your not a massive news website than most likely you will just earn extra pocket money with Adsense.

Sponsored Blog Posts

When you will start getting traffic to your blog/website there will be advertisers that will contact you and ask you to write a blog about their product or service in return of money of course or you can just contact them yourself if you’re not getting new emails.

My personal experience?

I’ve had a couple of emails, most of the people that contacted me were selling shitty products, so I didn’t even consider the offer. If the product or service would actually be decent and I would use it myself I wouldn’t mind writing about it and getting paid, that’s just part of the blogging, but I definitely know that I’m not going to write about a product that I don’t like myself, I personally believe it’s not worth it. You can definitely find hundreds of products that are worthy and I believe your readers would also appreciate that more.

How can you make this happen?

I would start off by creating some information about your blog – like monthly pageviews, sessions, average session time, bounce rate, geographics, demographics, and their interests. That would be a great start.

Also, there might be people or SEO specialists that will contact you and offer you money in exchange for backlinks. These offers usually come to bloggers that have already built an authority for their blog. So don’t be surprised.

When publishing sponsored posts, it’s crucial to know about the laws in your area about disclosure.

Alternatives to making money from your Blog


So let’s summit up a little bit. We already talked about Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense and other Ad Networks and we discussed also Sponsored Posts. So is there any other way you can monetize and earn from your blog?

Well, I’m personally not a professional blogger, meaning I don’t earn a full-time income from it. I like to write a blog post now and then and earn passive income from it and kind of forget it about it. So Affiliate links and Google Adsense is perfect to me because I don’t need to do a lot of work.

Other opportunities to earn from your Blog

I don’t do them because I’m a lazy blogger, but here are some tips on how you can earn extra revenue from your blog.

Create content and position yourself as an expert in your niche. Provide your readers with content that gives useful information and resolves their problems. This way people might be interested in hiring you as a consultant. You can call it – Freelancing. Don’t see much difference in that.

Once you have enough content in your website you can create an ebook from that and sell it on your Blog post it on Amazon etc.

Create a course. I actually had this idea myself. I thought about creating a course on how to do keyword research, set up an AdWords account, set up facebook ads account, etc. Since I’m in marketing for a couple of years and I do that on a daily basis and it made sense, but it kinda wasn’t for me, I was thinking about it, but my hand didn’t really rise for it, but it might work for you.

How does my blog earn money?

As I mentioned already in the beginning and as you can see my blog is optimized with Brave Browser affiliate links, meaning I get paid $5 each time someone downloads the browser and uses it for at least a month.

Another income stream is Google Adsense. I display other advertiser ads on my blog.

Like I said it’s more of a hobby than anything else. I still haven’t decided what my blog is going to be about. Development in process. I will try to only write about what I know and what brings value. I know a lot about Dropshipping, E-commerce, Advertising, Marketing and I guess blogging. I wrote a couple of posts that I didn’t really enjoy and that weren’t from my personal experience, I guess that’s why it was so hard to write them.

That’s why I’ll try to keep my blog posts about topics I know and share my personal experience in them. So subscribe to my email list & push notification and follow my blog.


There are multiple ways to earn from your blog as you can see, the real question which income stream to pick? If you have time and you have the will…go for all of them. My suggestion is to concentrate on 2-3 revenue stream, if you’ll try to make happen everything at once, you won’t accomplish anything. Only when your system is fully optimized move to the next channel, that’s my suggestion.

I personally love passive income, literally. If I’ve to work for it, then it doesn’t feel that good. Feels good when the work you have done a year ago, still brings you a couple of dollars each month.

You freeze up your work and time and get income from it for the rest of your life if you don’t f*ck it up too badly.

I think the real key is to be consistent and write, write and write and listen every now and then. You might hear what your followers want to hear.

The real question of this blog post –  are you ready to learn how to start a blog, now?

Sometimes Marketing is More Art Than Marketing. A lot of People Don't Get That.

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